I'm sorry 영어 사과편지 전문 사이트 소개


I'm sorry 사과 편지 전문 사이트 소개


미안하다는 말을 담은 연애편지 및 101가지의 러브레터 샘플과 이 여러가지 조언들을 제공하고 있는 사이트인 데, 


헤어진 여자친구나 남자친구를 다시 돌아오게 하는 방법이나 친구를 연인으로 발전시키는 법 등 재미있는 내용들이 많이 있습니다.



본문에 있는 굵은 빨간 글씨로 된 링크를 클릭해 보면 됨



Dear Friend,


I'm sorry letters

I am so very sorry for how I spoke to you the other day. What I said was insensitive and hurtful. I was angry but still I have no right to take it out on you. You don’t deserve that kind of behavior from me and I know better than to act that way.


You have every right to be hurt and upset with me, I would be if I were your place. I promise I am working on controlling my outbursts when I get angry. We’ve been friends for so long, I can’t imagine going through life without you to share its ups and downs.

I know you probably don’t trust me right now, but I will work very hard to regain that trust. Even though it may take a while before you do. I miss spending time with you and all the conversations we had.Will find it in your heart to please forgive me?



When I got angry the other day, my friend was visiting and I yelled at her. It was stupid, insensitive and embarrassing. I was angry over something I was trying to do and exploded. I wrote her an apology after researching I’m sorry letters. Although it took a few months, she has forgiven me and I think I have regained her trust. From then I have been researching this subject for years. I have decided to give you tips on how to write I’m sorry letters.


By writing I’m sorry letters, you can let go of any guilt you feel. It may take a while after writing I’m sorry letters to feel less guilty or it may make you instantly guilt free-either feeling is ok. When you write I’m sorry letters, you are acknowledging the mistake you made and taking responsibility for it.


I’m sorry letters work when they are properly written; thoughtful, sincere and apologetic. When writing I’m sorry letters, there are good ways and not so good ways to write one. When you write I’m sorry letters or and love letter saying sorry, write them in your own voice, write I’m sorry letters the way you speak and it will be natural feeling to do so. Unless your I’m sorry letters are for business associates, then write it more formally.

A good way to write I’m sorry letters and writing a poem to say I’m sorry is to start with the first paragraph; own up to your mistake and acknowledge the other person’s right to feel as they do. The second paragraph of I’m sorry letters is where you empathize with them. The third and fourth paragraphs of I’m sorry letters should be written with your promise not to do it again and remind them of a past happy experience.

The fifth paragraph of I’m sorry letters should be where you ask for their forgiveness. If you don’t ask for it, you may not get it. Good Luck!

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